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Since 1937, the Wyoming Taxpayers Association (WTA) has provided the essential connection and information source between the State’s taxpayers and the Legislature; between what’s important to you and what the public needs to know.


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To promote sound tax policy for a healthy Wyoming economy.


Our research is the backbone to our high-quality resources, with the goal of supporting a high-level public dialogue on tax and fiscal issues.


We believe information is power. We have a duty to educate Wyoming’s citizens about Wyoming’s tax base and how equitable solutions to tax issues can benefit all taxpayers. 



WTA advocates public policies that make sense for a healthy Wyoming economy. Ultimately, we are the voice of the taxpayer.

The Latest News

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Wyoming Legislature and political leaders continue to grapple with a dependence on a shrinking mineral industry to fund its state and local government budgets. While world events have driven prices up, which translates into a temporary increase in state revenue, the...

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WTA Webniar – What is the prosperity in crypto for Wyoming?

WTA hosted an interactive panel in understanding the prosperity for crypto in Wyoming. Our expert panelists, moderated by WTA Executive Director, Ashley Harpstreith, discuss Wyoming statutes that laid the groundwork for crypto, blockchain and bitcoin that has led to...

What’s Next for Fiscal Policy?

What's Next for Fiscal Policy? The U.S. economy continues to recover from the sharpest downturn in American history, the country faces a new set of challenges and opportunities. The passage of a bipartisan infrastructure bill, high rates of inflation, and continued...

  • Is there a justified need for the tax and is it fiscally prudent?
  • Are existing government funds spent efficiently before considering a new tax?
  • Is the primary goal of the tax to generate revenue or does it modify behavior or influence policy?
  • Does the tax impose equal and uniform liabilities upon similarly situated taxpayers?
  • Is the tax constitutional?
  • Does the tax disadvantage one taxpayer over another?
  • Will the tax distort economic behavior?
  • Is the tax stable and predictable under changing political, economic, regulatory and environmental conditions?
  • Does the tax result in diversification in taxation?
  • Is the tax visible, accountable and auditable?
  • Is the tax easy to understand, administer and cost effective to collect?

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