The Cowboy Family is intended to deliver a deep dive into the average state taxes Wyoming citizens pay and the benefit of services they receive. The Cowboy Family aims to provide transparency regarding what individual benefits the Wyoming tax structure provides. This publication is dynamic as it is paired with a dashboard that allows the user to input their variables of their household, from the family makeup to their local taxing district accounting for their current value of their home, all delivered in a secure format.

All calculations EXCLUDE federal dollars. Some calculations (such as ‘Sales and Use Tax ‘, ‘Excise Tax’, Fuel Tax and Vehicle Registration Fees’) still contain data that use State averages. Other calculations (such as ‘Property Tax’ and ‘County’ services) derive numbers that reflect your selections and inputs. For any supplemental information, visit the Wyoming Taxpayers Association website.

Total State Taxes Paid

Type of State Tax Total Taxes Paid
Property Tax
Sales and Use Tax
Fuel Tax and Vehicle Registration Fees
Excise Tax
Total Taxes Paid

Total Services Received

Type of Service Total Cost of Operations
State Services
Special Districts
City/Town Services
County Services
Total Cost of Services Received
Difference Between State Taxes Paid and Services Received
For every $1.00 you pay in taxes, you get this much in services
State Taxes Paid as a percent of total household income
The Wyoming Taxpayers Association cordially thanks Dr. Rob Godby, Mr. Dan Noble, and Dr. Wenlin Liu for their assistance in the creation of this publication. Additionally, the Wyoming Taxpayers Association thanks the Wyoming Taxpayers Foundation for its generous financial contributions that made this publication possible.