Publications & Reports


The longstanding tradition of WTA as a research institution is best represented by its requested publications. (If you’re interested in sponsorship to help off-set the cost of printing and research hours, click here to learn more.)

Our publications are as follows: 

  • Wyoming Property Taxation: One of the most referenced and sought-after tax documents in Wyoming! This is a county-by-county report detailing the assessed value and mil levies for all Wyoming taxation jurisdictions. It also includes a special district report with detailed accounts on each type of district, limits affecting taxing authority, and location.
  • Wyoming Tax Summary: This quick-reference guide to Wyoming state and local government taxes has been referred to as the “Tax Bible” by Wyoming legislators and is not available in any other format. Each section includes the tax base, rate, exemptions, collection procedures, distribution revenue and government agency contacts.
  • How Wyoming Compares: This publication shows Wyoming’s revenues and expenditures compared to the other 49 states, and is updated on even-numbered years.
  • Tax Roundup E-Newsletter: WTA’s monthly newsletter is considered invaluable by members as being the most timely, concise, and accurate information source on Wyoming taxation and government. Topics covered in past newsletters include state and local revenue and spending trends and analysis, state economic reports, legislative updates, streamlined tax initiatives, among others. This newsletter is sent electronically to all members, legislators, and key stakeholders.

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