The Wyoming Taxpayers Association applauds Congress and the President in passing the CARES Act in response to the economic losses incurred due to COVID-19. With passage of the Act Wyoming will receive $1.25 billion to cover revenue losses and costs to address the pandemic. We have faith in our elected leaders to ensure these one-time funds are appropriated in the spirit in which they are offered.

We further commend Governor Gordon for launching prior to the last legislative session providing transparency in government expenditures. We support full transparency of these federal one-time funds, utilizing, allowing the taxpayer to understand the myriad of financial impacts associated with addressing COVID-19 in Wyoming.

We recognize that state and local governments will experience significant reductions in revenue from traditional revenue streams. We also recognize the same governments and other entities will have incurred additional costs to address operational functions during the pandemic. Although not exhaustive, the list includes libraries, county fairs, museums, hospitals and health care providers, education institutions, visitor bureaus and waste management districts.

In accordance with our Cornerstones of Taxation, the Wyoming Taxpayers Association hopes the same approach of Justification, Equity, Balance, Stability and Transparency be applied during the appropriation process.

WTA supports:

  • Utilizing the CARES Act funds to make state and local governments whole from revenue losses
  • Appropriating the CARES Act funds to cover bona fide costs incurred by state and local governments responding to the pandemic
  • Full transparency of expenditures.

Wyoming has always risen to the challenges that our environment presents, we have faith in the Wyoming spirit, work ethic and community to do what is right and necessary in this critical time.

We stand ready to support the efforts with research and best practices.

The CARES Act 2020 Attachment